In 1977, a project of the family founded the company Tecno Alotta, Pressing for the creation of dies for cutting of thermoplastic molding and cold rolled.

In 1997 he begins the realization of its equipment and early artifacts, organizing an entire Department for the production of materials of Led lighting and street furniture. In the following years revolutionized all production processes, with the aim of improving the production, employing highly qualifcato, and come as well the needs of its customers.

After years of activity at the service of the main players in the market of urban riqualifcazione, comes the choice to directly address the market, now aware of proper design and production maturity and conscious of the need competitiveness demand from the market.

Thus was born the brand ELUX.

Design, quality and elegance Made in Italy.

The internal design makes Elux a company lean and flexible, able to create any customized artifact, both classical and modern style.

Continuous innovation in technology and the constant search for materials used in our products provide durability, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

In 1998 opened the offices in via Pontina for Aprilia, then purchased in 2008.

Spread over an area of 5,500 square meters in which are located:

1,000 square meters for the production

600 sq m for warehouse

300 square meters for exposure

300 sqm offices

Over 1,500 sqm are dedicated to unloading and loading of goods.

"I dettagli fanno la perfezione e la perfezione 
non e' un dettaglio".

Leonardo da Vinci