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ELUX is an Italian company that designs, manufactures and markets products for Led street lighting, street furniture and garden furniture.
Keep pace with the progress of technology and motivated by its mission to decorate and brighten up the city and outdoor spaces while maintaining high levels of security and uniqueness, also confirmed leading ELUX boasting excellence of "Made in Italy".


Design, quality, elegance and attention to detail. These typical values of Made in Italy are what we believe in and how we produce and design our products.

The articles Elux are full expression of our creed and of our way of conceiving the work, not as a simple assembly line, but as the creation of real small works of art.

The experience gained over the years and the continuous search for new technologies are the engine that pushes our company strongly.

Tradition and innovation come together in our research centres to create new lighting standards, developing continuous opportunities for the growth and evolution of our products.

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"Le gravi catastrofi naturali reclamano un cambio di mentalit√† che obbliga ad abbandonare la logica del puro consumismo e a promuovere il rispetto della creazione".

Albert Einstein

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